Er Kumar Naresh
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BrokersADDA TV | Smart Broker Series | How Real Estate Industry Works ? Real Estate Training. Primary and secondary real estate market. | #1

Become a Smart Broker. Learn and get more real estate business.

Star Broker video series is a unique informational video series specially for real estate brokers. If you are already working as a broker but struggling to get leads , unable to close deals then star broker videos series is for you. If you are a new broker or planning to enter real estate market as a broker then you must watch this series.

In this first video we discuss about the basics and learn about primary and secondary real estate markets. How they are different and what major issues a broker faces in these markets. How a builder acquires land and where they go wrong ?

BrokersADDA TV is a YouTube channel launched by , which is India's largest networking platform for real estate brokers with 1,40,000+ registered members.

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Aaradhya Properties
Very informative video, Thankyo Kumar Naresh sir For this great step👍
December 4, 2021