Er Kumar Naresh
by Published on September 4, 2018

5 Sales Pitch Tips for Real Estate Brokers

Real estate is the business of pure selling and hence, it is imperative that you get your sales pitch perfect the first time. It is as basic and straightforward as it can get – if you don’t pitch it well, someone else is going to steal the business right from under your nose!

Without any ado, here five effective sales pitch tips that could come handy to every real estate broker:

Understand the Customer Requirements

No matter what business you are in, client requirement understanding is of paramount importance. In real estate, you need to find out their needs and pain points in terms of location, amenities, transport, interiors, architecture, etc. This will ensure that you pitch only those properties which can fulfil all or maximum criteria of clients.

Keep Your Knowledge Updated

Even though you may have prepared for every possible query customer may throw your way, there may be still some question you may not be able to answer. In order to avoid situations like this, make sure you keep yourself updated with real estate trends and practices, especially with respect to the localities or properties you are dealing in.

Maintain Sole Focus on the Clients

Many real estate agents tend to brag about their experience and expertise without giving much attention to the client. When you speak to the clients, your pitch should only focus on them. This is not about you; this is about them. Your pitch should thoroughly address all their concerns.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

If you are giving a PowerPoint presentation, meeting a high-profile client or a newbie in the real estate industry, it is advisable to practice your sales pitch a number of times ahead. Just imagine faltering mid-way speaking to the client and not being able to remember all points you wanted to put forward! Better be prepared than to let your mistakes or goof-ups show up. 

Take Care of Your Appearance and Attitude

While experience and expertise speak volumes about you in front of the clients, your personal appearance and attitude also play a major role. If you were in the customers’ shoes, what impression would a broker dressed shabbily or communicating in a rude manner give? So, pay close attention to your personal grooming, right from head to toe. Be professional in your dealings – carry confidence, not attitude with you.

Lastly, remember that no one size fits all. Depending on your customers’ needs and preferences, you may have to improvise your sales pitch accordingly.


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