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Er Kumar Naresh
by Published on November 21, 2018

‘’Online” has become a staple word in the real estate industry. From listings to searches, it is clear that prospective home buyers are switching to the internet and trying to narrow down their choices from online findings. Moreover, even your peers and competitors are growing their online presence. Thus, it is now imperative that real estate brokers become tech-savvy and use digital marketing. Simply put, if you aren’t online, you don’t exist for customers!

If you are looking for tips to secure more leads and expand your real estate business, here are five digital marketing tactics to get started:

Go Digitally Social

If you want to engage more prospective clients, create your own brand identity through a personal website and social media platforms. List your business and profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and specially on BrokersADDA.com, where customers can track you. Use an engaging tone in your content to tell people about your work, ethics and achievements. 

Publish Useful Guides

You should write about things that provide value to your audience, solve their problems and answer their questions. For example, you can publish blogs, e-books or white papers on real estate prices in a particular city/area, renovation ideas, choosing the right interior designer, factors to consider for a good location, etc. You can publish these guides in a downloadable format which customers can access only after leaving their contact details. This is a sure-shot way to get more leads.

Become Mobile-Friendly

As per the latest surveys, consumers or prospective buyers are using mobile searches for their real estate requirements. It is easy, attheir fingertips and they can search any time anywhere. Thus, if you want to reach out to more buyers, make sure your website is mobile-friendly with an easy user-interface. If you can’t afford to develop or maintain a website, you can probably create a WhatsApp group of existing and potential customers to send them messages and updates.

Use Analytics 

When you are running a website or have a presenceon social media platforms, it is imperative that you know analytics that can be easily viewed on dashboards. By using analytics, you can assess how many visitors browsed, what content they saw and much more. This will help in focusing on what is attracting an audienceand what are their criteria.

Virtual Tours

At a time when videos are the topmostfavouritesin website content, you can make your website andsocial media handles more attractive by creating virtual tours for your leads. Customers feel good to ‘walk’ through the listings offered via your videos. 

These tips will end up in a higher lead generation. Try them out.

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