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Er Kumar Naresh
by Published on December 19, 2018

Trends shaping the future of real estate sector in India

According to you, what is the right time to invest in market? Is it the time when the market is touching new highs and everybody else is investing? Have you ever been able to get great returns by investing that way? Obviously, not.

Whether it is investing in equities or real estate market, almost every potential investor is making the mistake to enter the market when the graphs are on the peak and are on the verge of crash at any moment. 

Well, if you really want to get the understanding of the market and understand the right time to invest and withdraw, you should be able to understand the trends that are contributing considerably in changing the future of the sector. Here we are talking about the real estate sector. Let us check out what trends have been influencing the real estate sector in India and how you should make your investment decisions in 2018.

Regulatory reforms

Let’s admit, real estate sector in India has been an unorganized one always. It is due to the recent changes and regulatory reforms taking place that the perspective of the buyer has changed. Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) implemented along with Goods & Services Tax (GST) has given the direction to the real estate sector in a substantial way. Fly-by-night operators cannot survive anymore. Only the dedicated players will be able to get through the deal.

More supply and less consumption is equal to buyers’ market

According to reports, there is huge inventory of approx 1.8 lakhs in Mumbai Metropolitan Region and around 2 lakh units are yet to be sold in National Capital Region. This scenario of more supply and less consumption has led to fall in prices of property almost all over the country. This has turned out to be advantageous for investors. However, the situation will definitely not continue for long. So if you are seriously planning to invest, it is the time to play around with deals. 

High liquidity and lesser home loan rates

It has been noticed that home loan interest rates have been down from 9.5 percent per annum to 8.4- 8.5 percent for the past one and a half years. The RBI has made such changes due to the prevailing high liquidity in banking system. Both the factors combining together have created the favorable environment for the buyers. As well as if we compare the rental yields of around 5-6 percent with home loan interest rate of 8.3 percent, consumers prefer to buy instead of giving rents. 

The regulatory reforms such as GST and RERA in the system have built the trust in the minds of the consumers. They are now able to invest fearlessly in the market. This enormous change along with the decreasing price trend is attracting interest of global investor fraternity. Fund from Canada, Singapore and US, is pouring in. As well as developing countries like Japan and China are also planning to invest in the sector. 

All this proves that finally the real estate sector in India is moving towards the right direction and property buyers In India stand a great chance to negotiate great deals.


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