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Er Kumar Naresh
by Published on February 25, 2020

So you are in the business of buying & selling real estate & think online reputation is an area that does not touch you at all ? Think again, whether you are a business or an individual, in today’s digital world, online reputation management is something no one can do without, especially when you are in the business of referrals. Poor online reputation can cost your business dearly While you need to employ a professional digital agency who can proactively monitor your digital presence, here are some handy tips: 

1. Proactively monitor your online presence - It is a great idea to proactively monitor your online presence. Google the name of your business & see what results are thrown up. A professional online reputation management company will help push these results down and replace them with positive stories, instead.

2. Address Customer complaints - It is advisable to address customer complaints, promptly and wherever prudent publicly, to help build appositive reputation. Similarly, if customers have anything positive to say, it is also advisable to acknowledge them. 

3. Encourage Positive Reviews - Positive brand experiences go even further than paid advertising, when it comes to establishing brand trust. It is therefore prudent to encourage positive brand reviews as they impact other customers favorably. 

4. Make video postings a habit - Youtube plays an important role when it comes to brand search. Posting positive videos not only improve customer association with the brand, they also help push down any negative stories. 

5. Post great blogs - The more authoritative and original your content, the greater draw it will have with the audiences. It is always a good idea to have a blog and keep its content current and reliable. The greater the reliability of your content the more the authority of your brand. 

6. Claim Directory Listings - It is prudent to claim all your directory listings and review site listings. This area if left unattended, can often lead to a disgruntled employee or a dissatisfied customer claiming it and causing harm to your brand reputation. 

7. Ensure your personal online activities are spotless - Any blemishes in this area can come upfront & impact your business when you expect it the least. Above all, proactiveness in approach & efforts is crucial. To wait to improve online reputation after a debacle has taken place is to engage in firefighting and crisis management. The best time to start the process is now while no crisis is brewing and you and your agency can put together a firm plan to ensure that you build a strong online reputation that goes a long way in furthering both sales as well as your brand equity. For the same, it is important to have your ear to the ground & to listen closely to the voice of your consumers. Any laxity in this area can cost you tremendous time, effort & resources to gain the lost glory.

Lastly, it is important to remember that online reputation management isn’t a onetime job & needs persistence. 

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