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Er Kumar Naresh
by Published on February 23, 2020

In this information driven online world, it is easy to assume that the role of the real estate Broker can be take on oneself & the brokerage charges can become a neat savings. While it is tempting to take this line of thought, below are some compelling reasons why employing a real estate Broker means value for money.

Information, Information, Information - A very important area swinging heavily in favor of a Real Estate Broker is that he has local knowledge about the locality. Whether it is which flat is available for rent or what is the market price of a property, they can provide you with valuable information. You can state your specifications to your Broker & with his networking & area knowledge he can shortlist the options that best fit your budget as well as your other requirements.

Convenience - Buying or selling a property can turn out to be a full time job in itself. You can be attending phone calls, juggling appointments & more. An important reason for hiring a real estate Broker is that they help filter your calls, shortlist prospective buyers or sellers & thereby ensure that you do not waste your time on the legwork. They can take your schedule into account while fixing appointments ensuring that you do not waste valuable time.

Negotiation - Not every one is an expert negotiator. By virtue of their market knowledge as well as experience they bring important negotiation capabilities to the table that help close a good deal as also prevent a bad deal from happening. Their expertise can help bring important insights to the table, that come in handy.

Legal Formalities & Paperwork - Lets face it, buying or selling a house involves reams of paper work & most importantly knowledge about what are the aspects to watch out for. A good real estate Broker can hand hold you through the process as with his experience he guides you to ask for relevant legal information Additionally the real estate Broker will also guide you through the formalities of registering your property. While the brokerage paid out to the Broker is a cash flow, it does not seem to be an expense when you factor in the value that the Broker brings to the table. So much so that he can justify his service charges on the negotiation table itself, not to speak of the intangible benefits that he brings.

The moot point however is to choose a real estate Broker with credibility who takes away the hassle of the buying/selling process and leaves you with a pleasant experience. Some time spent on choosing the right real estate Broker will go a long way in making your buying or selling experience, one that leaves you with a lot of satisfaction of a job well done. Selecting the Broker with the right credentials, talking to past clients etc may all be good measures to be able to come to the right decision.

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April 15, 2020
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