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Er Kumar Naresh
by Published on February 6, 2020

5 Awesome Ways To Use BrokersADDA For Real Estate Networking

In real estate industry, networking is the most crucial strategy to build trust, brand and outreach. However, in offline channels face-to-face meetings, discussions and other platforms enables effective networking, but in online channels we rarely find dedicated space for real estate networking.

BrokersADDA is one such niche platform, which is dedicated for networking of brokers , builders and clients. Where you directly can network, socialize, speak out, reach, share and exchange with like-minded people in real estate. So, here I’m giving realtors 5 awesome ways to use BrokersADDA for real estate networking.

1. Build Your Personal Brand : If you’re starting with a purpose to create brand awareness and identity, then build your personal brand with these tips :

  • Get Professional Photos – instead of using a fake image or unprofessional photos, take clean headshot that should look professional.
  • Personalize Your Content – try building your voice, and choose your style – quirky, informative or sober. Just be frank and try to provide valuable content in an engaging way. Your personal info sections can give your personal brand an unique identity.
  • Share and network – make it a habit to share (news, updates, blogs, videos, photos) on BrokersADDA and network with like-minded people with personal messages.

2. Start Blogging : On BrokersADDA, we’ve BLOG section, which you can use to speak out, attract your target audience, engage with quality content, convince and convert. This is an unique feature that you will rarely find on any real estate portal. Here on BrokersADDA, blogging is open to everyone, who is having a profile. With proper and regular blogging, you can again build followers here, and build your personal brand identity further.

3. Use Forums : Forums are the place, where real discussions take place openly with like-minded people. At BrokersADDA, we also have forums, where you can start discussions on real estate issues, problems, news, updates and others. You can build your expert voice, by helping people out here looking for answers, or join hot topic discussions. In this way, you will again strength your personal brand and make yourself trustworthy in eyes of your followers and competitors.

4. Use Polls To Get Public Opinion : On BrokersADDA, another unique feature is Polling facility. You can use it in different ways – you can conduct survey, ask for public opinion and engage audience. Tip – use polling/survey results to create a blog on the survey outcomes. Let me tell you, people are hungry for numbers. There can be more ways to use polls, just use your imagination.

5. Start a Group or Page : If you represent a real estate company or own one, then you use page option to create your company page on BrokersADDA. If you don’t then just start a group for realtors or target audience. There’s lot of branding you can do on page, by uploading brand cover page, using professional display picture, giving regular updates and sharing videos and photos. 

Just explore BrokersADDA, you will find it quite exciting, easy and efficient to use. If you’ve any questions, just feel free to use comment box below. Enjoy your stay and real estate networking on BrokersADDA !

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