by Published on February 6, 2020

Problems being faced by Indian Real Estate Brokers

There are lot of problems being faced by the Broker community in the real estate industry today.

Few of them are :

1. Unorganised industry. 

2. Many times its difficult to get brokerage or get lesser than what agreed upon at the time of deal.

3. Brokers are not being treated in a dignified manner.

4. No security of the deal contacts. Many times it happens that a broker loses a deal because some other broker gets direct to the client and runs away with the deal.

5. Client fails to understand the importance of a broker in a real estate deal. The reality is that rarely a deal happens without a broker , but even then Brokers are treated indifferently.

So what is the solution ? Our suggestions are as follows :

1. Govt. should regularise the industry and can register brokers and should safeguard their interest. Kindly note that RERA is not applicable for resale deals.

2. Many of the above mentioned problems are also because of wrong doings of few brokers due to which the clients have developed a negative perception about the brokers.

Would appreciate comments regarding this prevailing problem.

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