Krishna Shetty
on February 6, 2020
Sandstone Infra has Launched Prestigious Project Known as “Centre Park ” and it is located at “Amangal
You can be part of it . Just once in a life time you get a Unique Opportunity knocking on your door. And you can unlock the portal to a Magical World. Sandstone’s ‘Centre Park‘ at Amangal is a one of a kind residential development with boundless Possibilities- a mind blowing wonder world that incorporates every modern facility and all of a nature’s charm.
An Exceptional Moment, An Incredible Experience, An International Life Style that characterizes your personality.
The Future is Arriving Here
Very close to the proposed Regional Ring Road Beside Srisailam Highway
12 Kms from the world’s Biggest Pharma City
25 Kms from Kadthal
5 Kms from Amangal
45 Kms from Outer Ring Road
40 Kms from Fab City
Dimension: 960 x 720
File Size: 173.26 Kb