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Broker Lives in Gurgaon, India Born on May 15
By August 25, 2020
BrokersADDA is a portal dedicated to real estate industry in order to build world’s largest real estate community.  It is already India'a largest real estate community with 1,40,000+ registered brokers ! Real Estate in the world, especially in India today is driven by innovation and online influence. Therefore, despite so much availability of variety of portals to market, sell and buy real estate products and services, there was always a need for an online platform, where people from real esta...
By February 25, 2020
So you are in the business of buying & selling real estate & think online reputation is an area that does not touch you at all ? Think again, whether you are a business or an individual, in today’s digital world, online reputation management is something no one can do without, especially when you are in the business of referrals. Poor online reputation can cost your business dearly While you need to employ a professional digital agency who can proactively monitor your digital presence, here are ...
By February 25, 2020
Beginnings are always filled with excitement !! To most people across the globe, a new year is a mark of a fresh start and a hopeful future. The end of a year is a time for assessment of all our work through the year. This assessment leads many to make resolutions for the New Year with the hope of better performance in the New Year. While making a New Year resolution, it is best to make sure that it is a realistic and achievable one, failing which one might get dejected. Especially when it comes...
By February 25, 2020
In the times of online real estate portals , many home buyers/sellers assume that deals can happen without hiring a real estate broker. The reality is that 99% of real estate deals happen only through a broker ! It always make sense to hire a professional real estate broker for any real estate deal. Following are 9 benefits of using a real estate broker to sell or buy a property.  1. Pricing expertise : Most Real Estate Brokers can set a price on a property the minute they walk through the door...
By February 23, 2020
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In this information driven online world, it is easy to assume that the role of the real estate Broker can be take on oneself & the brokerage charges can become a neat savings. While it is tempting to take this line of thought, below are some compelling reasons why employing a real estate Broker means value for money. Information, Information, Information - A very important area swinging heavily in favor of a Real Estate Broker is that he has local knowledge about the locality. Whether it is whi...
By February 10, 2020
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Following are some of the must have apps a broker/agent/realtor should have in 2020 ! 1. GOOGLE MAPS : Google Maps is a must-have for every real estate broker/agent/professional. When clients are ready to visit a list of potential properties, Google Maps is an indispensable tool in your pocket, guiding you to the next address. 2. EVERNOTE :  Evernote is one of the best business apps and an excellent productivity tool. You can save ideas, documents, images, clips, and more within your account. ...
By February 6, 2020
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5 Awesome Ways To Use BrokersADDA For Real Estate Networking In real estate industry, networking is the most crucial strategy to build trust, brand and outreach. However, in offline channels face-to-face meetings, discussions and other platforms enables effective networking, but in online channels we rarely find dedicated space for real estate networking. BrokersADDA is one such niche platform, which is dedicated for networking of brokers , builders and clients. Where you directly can network,...
By February 6, 2020
Problems being faced by Indian Real Estate Brokers There are lot of problems being faced by the Broker community in the real estate industry today. Few of them are : 1. Unorganised industry.  2. Many times its difficult to get brokerage or get lesser than what agreed upon at the time of deal. ...
By January 10, 2020
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9 Soft Skills Every Real Estate Broker Must Possess Being a real estate agent and being a successful one are two different roles. While you might know about the construction, pricing, finance, contracts and legal issues of the real estate in and out, there is still something missing which is holding you from becoming a pro. The answer lies in soft skills that are a must for every real estate broker. With these skills in your kitty, you can crack even the most difficult deals and get continuous ...
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Why buy a ready to move in property only ?  Buying a property is crucial decision for most of the people. This is not just a decision for a month or for few years, but a decision for almost a life time. You are not going to change your home in the next few years after purchase, rather you will not sell it off unless you get a better deal or require a bigger home. When a person decide to buy a property , suddenly he finds full page advertisements by various developers.  This fight of thoughts b...