Non Resident Indians will become future Indian Real Estate Investors, they will be getting 15 to 20 % more, as the worldwide value of the Indian Rupee depreciates.Indian Real Estate is among the best asset class, one may invest in for long term. Most are scared of losing their wealth. The equity & commodity markets are manipulated by floating junk paper contracts, by the powerful bankers, brokers & other influential, behind the scene, unnamed players. - Unknown Resource
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Yes Ganesh Yadav, you are right. The market for the real estate is growing towards profit in India and most of the non investors also showing interest in Real Estate Market. 

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As rupee falls against dollar, NRIs stated investing in India. Also, another advantage is RBI bans overseas purchase. So another boost to Indian real estate as HNIs look around premium properties in India now. But the real estate trend is now going. There are many online platforms who are giving the retail space for rent for on long term or short term rental basis.

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