Investing in a farmland is truly an asset! However, you may later discover that there are many restrictions and challenges to be faced as you try to develop or sell the land.

Few of such restrictions include:

1. No instant cash flow

Now, although you wouldn’t have a mortgage to make payments on, you would likely have other expenses, such as property taxes, the cost of improvements, and sometimes even association fees. Without rental income coming in, you may need to get creative in order to cover the expenses. For example, you could sell parcels of the land or the rights to it (i.e. mineral rights, gaming rights, etc.), or you could find another use for the land in the meantime.

2. Legal hassles

How the property is zoned locally (i.e. residential, commercial, etc.) can determine what you are able to do with the property as well. The timeline for getting your project approved by the township can also vary. How many lots you’re allowed to develop is another big question, which dictates how much you can make through subdividing.

3. Physical Hurdles

Sometimes the property itself can have issues. For example, I would avoid flat lots due to water runoff issues. Likewise, with mountain property, steeply graded land is harder to build on. Also, I would need to be clear on the situation with septic, sewer, water, and road access. Besides township restrictions and any issues with the property itself, the success of your deal can also be partially dictated by market conditions.

4. Market plays a direct impact

Let’s say you didn’t build on the land, but you did improve it somehow post-purchase (i.e. subdividing, roads, sewer, etc.) and/or the area appreciated. You may still have a great deal on your hands. If you purchase in a down market (i.e. buyer’s market) with the intention to build or improve the property and then sell, the big question is can you afford to hold the property while waiting for the market to turn around? Market time depends on the area as well. I can’t stress enough how critical it is not only to do your due diligence but also to understand the development costs and the demand for and market value of your completed project.

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