Sanat Thakur
by on June 3, 2019

Homebuyers Guide To Pune Real Estate Market by Sanat Thakur

Who is Sanat Thakur?

Real Estate Coach l Successful Real Estate Agent l Youtuber : An extremely versatile gentleman, Mr. Sanat Thakur is an Ex-Army Official, Successful Entrepreneur, and a leading NLP certified Trainer & Life Coach, Skilled in Negotiation, Time Management, Real Estate, Marketing, and Project Management. Strong business development professional. He is an ardent reader, sports enthusiast, and travel freak.
He also believes in going on regular adventures, to take a break from his daily life, and keep monotony at bay.

Mr. Sanat Thakur’s workshops are high in demand, where he uses interactive and unique activities to empower and motivate people. After attending his workshops, many people have unleashed their potential and gone on to soar great heights. Having overcome various struggles and hurdles in life, to be at his present stage, he uses these experiences to teach and share his life lessons with his ever-expanding audience, which makes him relatable and effective at what he does best.

Being a successful personality on You Tube, Mr. Sanat Thakur’s channel has more than 10,000 subscribers with an achievement of lakhs of views. His videos cater to viewers from all over the world, being a bit hit among the masses due to his humorous, easy going personality, efficient business skills, and tried and tested tips and tricks to transform businesses. Right from boosting profits and visibility in a cut-throat market, the skills and tools he shares with his viewers make sure that they notice and determine every opportunity and possibility they have, to achieve success in the industry. Explore more : Homebuyers Guide To Pune Real Estate Market by Sanat Thakur