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It is every real estate broker’s dream to sell more properties in the shortest span of time. However, the question is whether you are putting the right efforts to do so. Check out these useful selling tips to remain on the top of your game.
Understand Customer Needs
Sell what customers want, not what you want to sell – follow this real estate mantra faithfully and you would never look back. It is important to create value for your customers. Offer them numerous options to help them make an informed choice. When they trust you, they spread a word about you among their circle of people. This will establish you as a credible broker in the market.
Master Local Information
When customers search for a property, they not only look for the obvious information like property price, size, dimensions or amenities. They also want to dig into other habitable factors such as the crime rate, best markets/schools/hospitals/parks, upcoming construction projects, pollution level, nearest public transport and much more. So, while you may know the technical specifics of the property you are selling by heart, you also need to develop expertise in the local information that makes the property more saleable. Buyers moving in from another city are particularly more interested in verifying local information.
Follow-Up Consistently
Many times, even a hot lead can go cold. The customers may promise ‘we will get back to you soon’ and the day never arrives. Don’t give up on following up even if it takes weeks or months. Unless customers have already bought another property or explicitly denied interest, you should stick to the art of persuasion.
Leverage Social Media
Do you exist on social media? If no, then the chances are that you are missing out on a hefty chunk of sales opportunities. Increase your online visibility by posting content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. For instance, you could publish blogs such as ‘best residential properties in Dubai’ or ‘tips to buy a new home’ to attract buyers. Or, you could publish beautiful photos of properties you sell on Instagram.
Follow these tips; you would be happy with the results!
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