by on May 16, 2017
Be a part of an online real estate TV show AWAAZ AAPKI on BrokersADDA-TV ( India's first online tv channel for real estate industry ). We are coming up with a unique show called “AWAAZ AAPKI” . First time in India, we are involving every strata of the society and giving them an opportunity to participate in an online tv show. We will be discussing an interesting topic in every episode and would show the views/comments/advice of the people, who would share their views through a personalised video. Interested people can easily make a video of themselves using their smart phone . The videos of BrokersADDA-TV will be reaching around 1 million realtors, investors , home buyers and property owners, through emails and the social media. Topics : 1. Is RERA the solution for real estate problems ? 2. What problems real estate brokers are facing in the present scenario ? 3. Are the Builders exploiting home buyers ? 4. Why brokers are important for any real estate deal ? So take a SELFIDEO and send it to us on latest by 30th of May. Your video can be either in Hindi or English. Kindly mention your Name , city and profession. You can also send us your video on our WhatsApp number - +91-8587056899. You can also share your views through SKYPE video chat. Our Skype id is brokersadda.
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