by on June 24, 2015
Why this property is a good Buy?
Right on the side of the road itself, the project is within a walkable distance from the bus-stop, postoffice, railway station and the only market, in the small peaceful, lush green surroundings of Kandaghat. The crowd-less meandering road invites you for a health walk anytime. The green valley and hills around are so picturesque that anyone would like to have a home here.
Healthcare and Diagnostic Center
Medical facilities next door ascertain complete care just in case the need for any medication or hospitalization arises. Expert professional’s medicos & consultants for you 24x7 with a smile & warmth to see you hale & hearty.
Education heightens the Intellect here
Count from schools to polytechnics to Universities & see for yourself how within no distance, all your educational requirements are met with. The serene and peaceful natural surroundings help you to focus and concentrate on smallest to biggest issues intellectually.
Proposed International Airport
In addition to the existing Shimla airport, a new airport is coming in the near future, it is just 1.5 ams from Newyork Residency. Thus, your distance of hours is going to be converted into minutes, saving your precious time. Easy quick access to your choice destinations is what you are going to benefit with, sooner than later. This apart from all other modes of conveyance there.
Railway Station
Kandaghat at your doorstep with frequent connectivity of world famous heritage Kalka Shimla railways, passing through 103 tunnels to enjoy the high & lows of picturesque moutons with heavenly scenarios if valleys full of flowers * fresh water river.
My River My Waters
Nature has smiled on us specially to give us a river Ashwani nearby and it is anybody’s guess to feel the greatness on a waterside. The cool breeze humming its sweet song in your ear will transcend you to another world which is going to be even more beautiful than your imagination.