About Us

BrokersADDA.com has ventured into real estate marketing space with its huge network of 1 lakh real estate brokers across India and the Middle East. The portal was set up three years ago furthering its mission of enabling property brokers to network with each other and strike better and bigger business opportunities.

In a short span of 3 years, the portal has registered more than 1 lakh property brokers who have been exchanging information about various business opportunities with each other. The portal is now tying up with prominent real estate developers in India and Dubai to get their projects listed on their site. According to Kumar Naresh, Founder – BrokersADDA.com, “The real estate sector in India has been quite unorganised till now. However, with the advent of Real Estate Regulatory Act and several other massive reformatory moves, the sector is fast converting into an organized sector. In the next few years, we will witness the real estate sector being a corporatized sector just like insurance and financial services industries. This will throw open new doors of opportunities for real estate developers and brokers alike. With our portal BrokersADDA.com, we expect that all the stakeholders, right from developers and brokers to property buyers, will be benefitted due to the information provided on a single integrated platform.”

BrokersAdda.com is geared up to become a multi-brand platform providing information about various real estate projects in India and Dubai. This will help all the stakeholders to shortlist properties as per their preferences like location, connectivity, infrastructure, amenities, budget, etc. The idea is to bridge the information gap that often disturbs the brokers and buyers as they do not get the details they need to make any decision. Once they get all the information at one place, they will be able to save a lot of time and resources, and make decisions swiftly. The portal is already housing a number of educational videos and blogs that aim to train real estate developers and brokers about various critical aspects of real estate marketing and sales. “I am thankful to BrokersADDA.com for providing a platform wherein we can interact with our peers and exchange information about various deals and opportunities. In a digitised world, it is all about access to the right information at the right time and from right people. The portal is doing a good job in fulfilling this core need of real estate brokers like us and I hope that their decision to enter into real estate marketing domain will further help us in lining up a chain of real estate projects that our clients may like,” said Mr Deepak Ahuja, Property Brokers.

Besides the online forums and interaction platforms, BrokersADDA.com has also been organizing events and conferences wherein brokers can interact with each other, build relationships and explore business opportunities. One can also find the opportunities of joint ventures on this portal, while there is a section which provides information on various job opportunities that property brokerage firms come up with in the market.

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